Autauga County District School System:

• 15 public schools
• Serves approximately 9,255 students from kindergarten through grade 12
• 14th largest school system in the State
• This county school system’s test scores are high and its graduation rate is exceptional.
• Students excel in areas of the Arts and Technology, despite being one of the lowest funded school systems in the State of Alabama.


• 9,556 students, grades K-12
• Average student class size: 25
• 47.81% free/reduced lunch students
• 28% minority students
• 9% Special Education Students
• 6.2% gifted students
• 1% English Language Learners
• 96% average daily attendance
• 4,834 students bused/121 bus routes



• 1 Superintendent
• 2 Directors
• 33 Administrators
• 574 Teachers
• 21 Counselors
• 13 Media Specialists
• 26 Other Certified Staff
• 429 Support Personnel
• 98 Child Nutrition
• 136 Transportation


How does aef help?

First Comm Bank 17

Stuff the Bus:

Because of YOUR support, we were able to double our efforts from last year, filling roughly 90 boxes full of school supplies and distributing them to all 14 campuses of the Autauga County School System.

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During the 2017-2018 school year, the Foundation awarded over $60,000.000 in grants for 21 projects/programs in the Autauga County School System. Our allocation process makes funds available to all schools and departments within the school system. Allocation is done in the form of grants applied for by teachers, principals, administrative, and other support staff to enable new programs in the classroom or in extracurricular activities..

Those receiving funding were:

•   Autauga County Tech Center for “Calculations to Financial Success” to purchase financial calculators to support application-based learning and introduce students to technology that will enable them to make more informed financial decisions both now and in the future.
•   Autauga County Tech Center for Health Science Internship Stethoscopes, funding to purchase stethoscopes for students who are part of the Health Science Internship program allowing for a more engaged and enhanced experience while attending clinical practices.
•   Autauga County Tech Center for Vet Science Lab Microscopes, for use in the Agriscience program, better preparing students for what they may see at college in a science class or in the workforce should they pursue a vet tech, vet, or lab career.
•   Autaugaville School-for Eagles Landing, to purchase and install a new playground for their students to engage the mind and encourage the imagination of all students in a safe and caring environment; improving student morale, health and fitness, and academic focus.

•   Billingsley School for Choir Performance Wear, to update choir robes for competition to properly represent Billingsley School and Autauga County.

•   Daniel Pratt Elementary for Lights, Camera, Action! The Eagle News Network team allows students the opportunity to explore journalism, broadcasting, and 21st Century technology at a deeper user and professional level. This program will provide students with the tools and resources to effectively gather information, research, interview, write, digitally create, and edit a monthly video news broadcast for the school’s entire student body, staff, and parents to view.

•   Marbury High School for Laptops for Students, providing laptops for students who currently use the desktop computers in the library for ACCESS class and yearbook, allowing students access to their resources, while freeing up the existing desktop computers for the many classes who need the lab throughout the year.

•   Pine Level for Orff Stands for Pine Level Elementary School, as a continuation of a project AEF funded last year, funds will be used to purchase an entire set of rolling Orff carts and adjustable table stands to help with setup and tear-down, transportation, as well as safe storage of Orff instruments.

•   Pine Level Elementary for Diversity in OUR World-International Flags, to purchase flags for the gifted program’s International Day, exposing students to the diversity and cultural awareness this geography fair creates.

•   Pine Level Elementary for the Pine Level Elementary School Green Team to start a school-wide recycling program and purchase durable recycle bins, lids, and a tilt truck for transport.

•    Prattville Intermediate School for Famous Scientists and You!, to purchase a set of resource books used to encourage students to learn more about famous and not-so-famous scientists, as well as an oil spill kit that will help students, through hands-on research, understand the ocean’s delicate balance and how humans can cause problems for the ocean through accidentally spilling oil.

•   Prattville Intermediate School for a Large Smart TV for Physical Education to help in educating students by providing a centralized location for facilitating information, as well as be able to create Physical Education lessons from various Physical Education apps online, and to teach larger class sizes.

•   Prattville Junior High School for From Farm to Table and Beyond…becoming LIFE ready, a program to help students rocket to success by teaching them life skills. As part of a classroom with a functional living component, funds will be allocated to update a stove, microwave, and washer & dryer to help students learn functional living skills and be productive for many years to come.

•   Prattville Junior High School for Chromebooks for History, providing a set of Chromebooks and a mobile cart for the World History department to enhance the delivery of state content standards and further engagement of 21st-Century learners by incorporating meaningful, student-led learning.

•   Prattville Junior High School for PJHS Lab Cats Measure Up, to fund the measurement portion of a functioning lab for students in life science classes and physical science classes; exposing students to real-life experiments.

•   Prattville Kindergarten/Special Education Department for Technology for Special Education to purchase new laptops for the Special Education Department to utilize with students in the classroom setting, allowing students to receive the highest quality education available to them, maximizing their individual potential and achieve academic goals.

•   Prattville Primary for Engaging Students through STEM Literature, a program putting over 40 quality pieces of literature into teachers’ hands allowing them to build background knowledge. Funds are also designated for the purchase of Ipads that will be available for students to do research and Light Blox allowing students to use real-life scientific tools to conduct and later design light communication devices.

•   Prattville Primary for Keep on Reading to purchase library books/eBooks and iPad cases; purchasing new books, replacing outdated books, and adding higher level fiction and non-fiction books to the library’s catalog.

•   Prattville Primary for Let Their Voices Be Heard, for a Qball, an innovative tool that has a microphone enclosed in a soft ball that enables a person to speak into the ball while it amplifies out through a speaker; allowing for shy or quite students who are often difficult to hear in a large classroom, a voice to be heard.

•  Second Chance for Sit me straight and strong to Learn, to purchase replacement chairs for the campus.

•   Second Chance for Technologizing my Second Chance for a Bright Future, to purchase “smart boards” to help familiarize students with technology as it is used in all aspects of their future, and help teachers to bring a wider base of information to the students.



At this year’s A+ Banquet the Foundation presented the Coach Bill Clark Outstanding Student Achievement Scholarship on behalf of the Autauga Education Foundation.

This award is intended to recognize outstanding student leadership in all areas of school life. To receive consideration, a nominee must have participated in one or more sports during the student’s junior and senior years and exemplify characteristics and qualities of leadership through participation in and positions held in academic, social, cultural, athletic, and spiritual organizations. A nominee must receive recommendation from the school’s athletic director and at least one core teacher and should exhibit characteristics of honor, independence, integrity, and humility, which are the fundamental, essential qualities of leadership.

The recipient of the 2017 Coach Bill Clark Outstanding Student Achievement Scholarship has done just that. We are proud to announce Ms. Zanesha Rhodes of Autaugaville School as this year’s scholarship recipient. She will be receiving a $500 scholarship from the Foundation.